Fleet Management


Fleet Management system; Remote management, monitoring, tracking, tracing and sensing of vehicles and assets. Applicable to variety of vehicles;  cars, trucks, bicycles and scooters.
Offering in-vehicle electronics and customized solutions.

Fleet of Trucks


The Optimal Solution Real-time Fleet Monitoring, Dispatch and Management.

Pathmarker® Fleet Management offers a remote sensing platform for remote monitoring and management of vehicles operations in real time, increasing productivity and improving customer services and relations. 
 Pathmarker®’s Centralized fleet management Operation Center provides a dynamic situation display over geographic maps presenting vehicle location, vehicle status, driving characterization and scheduling and other important data as per mission specific application. Captured data are processed and analyzed for improved mission/delivery planning and more profitable business.Pathmarker® offers multiple solutions and multi-band communications for different types of vehicles, including heavy trucks, and applications. 



Vehicle Monitoring and Recording system for CRM and ERP.

TripTrack® closes the loop of CRM and ERP systems for mobile operations. It monitors and logs vehicle route and trip events, performance and operator management. It provides detailed report of vehicle stops and operator working times for applications such as: - Mobile workforce monitoring, sales force, field technicians, etc. - Drivers work time management - Customer Relation Management (CRM).- Vehicle monitoring and logging for data analytics. 



Vehicle security system.


Operation Center


  • Geo-spatial operation center, providing real time monitoring and management of field vehicles and assets. 

  • Geo-situation display, data capturing and analysis.



Train Remote Monitoring and Safety System.

TrainTrack™ provides monitoring capabilities for train cars safety and security, particularly of cargo trains. It monitors the train cars and provides real time reports to the train driver/operator via wireless data communications. 
Typical applications are:

-Train car monitoring -Train car anti-theft protection -Train Safety and Security